Bench Security

Standard fixings to anchor wooden memorial benches to prevent theft - Ground anchors are designed for anchoring a seat to either a hard or soft surface.

Regrettably we hear many stories of Memorial Benches being stolen and it is a fact of life that we should consider taking precautions against theft.

Soft Ground Anchors

We recommend only using Stainless Steel for Memorial Bench Fixing as they will not rust and look smarter.

Straps secure the seat by holding it down over the bottom cross-rail at each end of the seat and then infilled with concrete to fix.

To fix, place the seat in position, and mark out an area between both pairs of legs. The seat can then be removed, and the holes excavated. The seat is returned to position, the straps put in place, the two holes back filled with concrete around the straps, and the ground surface made good with macadam, paviours or concrete.

Hard Ground Anchors

Use Stainless Steel 90 degree brackets. They are fitted on each corner of the bench then bolted to the hard surface.

To fix, put bench into required position and place a bracket on the inside of each leg and drill a small pilot hole 20mm into the leg for each screw. Glue on screw caps to protect and deter vandals. Use an large bit to drill through the hole in the bracket deep enough for an M10 bolt or equivalent and hammer down to secure

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