Caring For Teak
This section will show you how to stop Teak Garden Furniture turning silver, how to use Teak Oils and Danish Oils and how to use a Teak Sealer to keep your furniture looking new for many years

Although it's widely accepted that you can leave Teak outside all year round with little to no maintenance, there are also those who like to preserve their furniture in its original showroom condition.

The 'No' maintenance stance with Teak

As already outlined in earlier sections, if dried and constructed correctly, the high levels of natural rubber and silica found in A Grade Teak allow the furniture to sit outdoors all year round without rotting or moving. Over time, the Teak will turn a graceful silver and dirt in the atmosphere will collect, possibly moss and lichen too. This is purely superficial and presents no long term structural damage; in fact many people prefer to let their furniture naturally weather in this fashion.

Why does Teak turn silver?

Its nature's way of protecting itself. When bare Teak timber is exposed to the elements, it oxidises and forms a layer to protect itself. This layer can be gently sanded back to reveal the unprotected, bare Teak timber beneath.

I want to keep the original showroom condition of my Teak

If you have the time, there are many ways to treat Teak to ensure the original showroom colour stays. Any treatment must be applied to bare, clean and dry timber. Be aware that applying any treatment, even a clear finish, will enhance the original golden Teak colour so always test a small area out of sight first.

Due to the naturally high levels of rubber and silica found in A Grade Teak, any additional treatments are purely aesthetic and its negligible as whether it adds to the longevity of the furniture. In some cases it has been argued that Oils high in solvents can actually cause damage to the natural oils found in Teak.

There are many different qualities of timber treatments available on the market. Always try and use the highest quality within in your budget. Don't forget, you can get some great advice from your local timber merchants.

Teak Oil and Danish Oil

The most commonly requested treatment for Teak is Teak Oil. Teak Oil penetrates, feeds and seals bare timber, without leaving a surface film to chip or scratch and gives the timber a soft, satin sheen that is tough and durable.

Danish Oil is a blend of oils and resins which seals, feeds and finishes bare timber without leaving a surface film to chip or scratch. There is less sheen than Teak Oil and layers are built up gradually.

We would recommend Barrettine's range of Teak and Danish Oils. Always follow the manufacturers' instructions very carefully. In our experience, you will need to apply a minimum of 3 coats of oils within the first few weeks of purchase and you will then have to maintain the furniture with additional applications every few weeks if left outside unprotected.

As some parts of your furniture are more exposed than others, oils are absorbed at different rates. Oils cannot be re-applied to timber that has started to turn silver, damp or become dirty.

Tip - If you oil your furniture, we recommend that you buy a high quality Breathable cover for your furniture and always cover your furniture when you are not using it.

Why has my furniture turned Black?

If you happen to miss a treatment and then applied Teak or Danish Oil directly on to aged silver timber, or you have simply stopped treating your furniture, Teak may turn black. You will then have to restore the Teak back to bare timber before reapplying oil or alternatively leave it to even out naturally through weathering.

Teak Sealers

Another way to maintain the original colour of Teak is to apply a Sealer. A sealer provides a film of protection over the timber and maintains the original colour.

We recommend Rustins Clear Satin Flexterior - A flexible exterior satin wood finish with ultraviolet and fungicide protection of the film. Flexterior with its special properties will not peel, crack or blister when correctly applied.

3 coats will bring out and maintain a rich golden Teak colour for approximately 1 year.

Tip - Brushing the furniture with a white spirit before applying a treatment, will breakdown the top layer of oils and help the timber to absorb the initial coat of a treatment. This will reduce the drying time significantly.

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