Construction and Finishing
Is your Teak Garden Furniture correctly constructed; not only in the sections you can see but also inside the sections you can't. This Guide details about Dove Tail Joints, Tenon and Mortise joinery, PVA and Polyurethane Glues.

Hand made

'Traditional joinery techniques' is a statement that is used very loosely by many retailers. Dove Tails and Tenon and Mortise joinery are indeed traditional methods of fixing timber but too often irregular, imperfect and therefore inferior. More often than not, the Tenon joint does not reach the end of the Mortise and the Teak Dowel used to fix the joint simply goes through thin air. Hand made joints depend on the glue for strength.

Check for any exposed gaps at the bottom of slats and joints that have been filled with wood filler. This is a good indication that the furniture is not machine made.

Machine made

An investment into machined joints ensures a perfect fit every time, offering consistency, strength and longevity. This extra investment is expensive and reflects on the end price of Teak Garden Furniture and Memorial Benches.

Shaped Timber

Curved backs or seat bases, which add character or comfort, cost more to and reflects on the end price of a Bench.


There are many different types of glues all over the world and furniture constructed in Asia is often done using lower quality glues to reduce costs. It is generally accepted that a European PVA glues and European Polyurethane Glues, when used correctly, are the best for constructing Teak Garden Furniture and Memorial Benches. Lower grade epoxy resins simply won't hold in the long-term.

Check that your furniture has been constructed using these strong European quality glues to ensure strength and longevity.

Another way to cut costs is to reduce the amount of Teak used in Teak Garden Furniture and Memorial Benches. In general terms, the longer a single length of Teak is, the more expensive it will be compared to the same length made up of smaller sections.

The thickness of the cut of Teak varies immensely. A standard framework for a Memorial Bench will be 4cm x 4cm. A heavy framework will be 5cm x 5cm and an extra heavy frame work 7cm x 7cm + so although retailers photographs of similar items may appear to be the same, check the timber proportions.

Check the overall weight. This will give a good indication as to the amount of Teak has been used in the furniture but be aware that timber that has not been dried correctly will be heavier.

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