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We have compiled some useful Articles & Information, simple How To Instructions & expert insights to the Processes involved in manufacturing furniture. Short News & Media related clips relevant to the Teak Garden Furniture Industry and Community in the UK

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What are Hardwoods?

"What are Hardwoods and why is Teak specifically used for manufacturing Garden Furniture?"

What Does A Grade Teak Actually Mean?

"The grading of Teak and why it's important for you to know about this and how it affects retail prices"

The Teak Drying Process For Furniture

"Why it's important to understand how Teak is dried for the longevity of your furniture and how it affects retail prices"

Construction Of Teak Garden Furniture

"Understand the differences between Hand Made and Fully Machined, what glues should be used to make your furniture and how this affects performance and retail prices"

What does FSC wood mean?

"Environmental commitments from Timber source, how it affects you and the end retail prices"

Flat Pack v Assembled Teak Garden Furniture

"What you should bear in mind when ordering Teak Memorial Benches online"

Commemorative Wording For A Memorial Bench

"What to chose - Brass Plaque, Stainless Steel Plaque, Hand Carving, CNC Carving on a Memorial Bench. Also, how to Hand Carve"

How To Secure A Memorial Bench

"Guide to fixing a Memorial Bench on to a Hard or Soft surface to help prevent theft"

How To Care For Teak

"Keeping Teak Garden Furniture the way you want it to look"

How To Restore Silver Teak Back To New

"Definitive guide to bringing aged, old Teak back to its showroom condition. It can be done and we show you how."

How To Repair Cracks In Teak End Grain

"If small cracks appear on your Teak garden Furniture, we show you how to fix them quickly and efficiently"

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